How To Avoid Cowboy Decorators

When you are looking for a decorator, you probably have a few things set in mind such as how much will the work cost, how good is the quality and how fast can the work be done as well as protecting furniture and a few other things.

If the decorator comes to visit and meets you in person to view the decorating work, you are most likely to look out for how friendly is this decorator, does he/she have a good vibe or aura, easy going but professional and well-mannered to have in my home.

Those things are great, but a lot of customers only look out for those things which is dangerous and I have corrected a few decorating cowboy jobs because the customer wasn't thinking to look out for warranty which is a written guarantee of fixing any problems caused by the decorator free of charge within a certain period after all the work is finished. Also, insurance, covering the cost of something broken, stolen or missing. Accepting to give the decorator a cash-in-hand deposit which isn't trackable or traceable, the worst a customer can do.

To avoid any potential heartache, mis-trust or potential problems, click on the link to download your free guide on how to avoid cowboy decorators

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