Dust-free vacuum sanding

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Bosch Advanced Vac 20 is a great hoover with a built-in socket to plug in power tools and currently priced on tooled-up for £109.95 which is cheap in comparison to other hoovers/dust-extractors. The picture in the middle has the adaptor and Bosch tools it connects with for dust-free sanding. It is excellent for decorators to connect a Bosch sander such as the Bosch PSS 250 AE Sheet Sander currently priced at £48.95 at tooled-up with the hoover I currently use and it works so well for sanding powder-based filler such as easi-fill and 2 part oil-based fillers.

The dust extraction system when using a Bosch electric sander is also excellent for sanding badly painted woodwork and bringing it back to looking brand new again, which is an incentive for you the decorator to offer that extra service and save your customer from hiring a carpenter to change the woodwork unless your customer wants to take that approach for their reason's.

The hoover is also excellent for tidying whilst working on the job and completing a job. The only personal downside to this hoover is that the filter gets clogged-up within an hour if it's taking in heavy dirt but other than that the suction is really powerful.

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