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Why iDecorate?

Behind The Business

Excellent Customer Service

As you are our number 1 priority, I make sure that your every decorating requirement is attended to in the most friendliest and polite manner and dealing with every enquiry professionally. Creating a professional and friendly atmosphere whilst carrying out the decorating work and keeping you up to date every step of the way. Explaining how and why the decorating work is carried out in a certain way to maintain confidence and trust in what I do.

Fair Pricing

A pricing system created out of honesty, transparency and integrity. Built from experience and understanding the value of each aspect of decorating, applied to any domestic Painting & Decorating job so when you receive an estimate and invoice, there will be a breakdown of quantity, the amount of days, unit price, used from our tier pricing and total, the total cost using the amount of days and tier pricing together . A pricing system that the UK law/legislation of the Consumer's Rights Act 2015 can use and refer to as factually reasonable as this is the most simplest and easy to understand pricing system.

Estimates & Invoices

Receive simple and easy to understand estimates as documents for the work to be carried out in your home and invoices completed for all the work in your home with an accurate breakdown of labour and materials sent to your email address. All labour work will have a simple description on how the decorating work will be carried out, followed by the amount of days it will take, unit price and total, materials will be itemised followed by quantity, unit price and total.

Fully Insured

Our insurance policy covers up to 1 million pounds worth of damages including spray drift damages using spray machines. It's just something we simply have in place to give you peace of mind even if something brakes or gets damaged. iDecorate takes every measure and precaution to make sure that all surfaces and objects are covered and protected whilst working in a careful manner including air circulation management when spray painting.


Free Delivery

Get free delivery on all paints and materials as standard as part of our customer service to you, so you never have to consider the thought of going to the paint shop yourself to get paints and materials for your home, ever.

Expert Advice

Get expert advice on paints and materials for your home and having listened to your requirements, we'll make sure that you'll get the right paint finish for your ceilings, walls, woodwork surfaces and more. Including the right materials that are high quality and long lasting.

Secure Payments

You can have peace-of-mind when it comes to making  payments to iDecorate as I only accept payments in a secure method such as bank transfers. You would never be put in a position of making cash-in-hand payments that can't be tracked and traced.


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