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My name is Michael and I am a painter and decorator based in South West London. I cover all areas of South London and the surrounding areas. My aim is to work alongside my customers to deliver an excellent service which provides you with the best quality and price.


The customer and their property is very important and I will treat your home with the upmost respect and care to a high standard. With nearly 10 years of experience, I specialise in interior painting, exterior painting and mould and damp treatment.


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Surface Preparation

Expert's in providing the best preparation for you in any existing surface condition from filling to using the correct fillers on interior and exterior surfaces. Sanding filler to perfection without leaving any scratch marks using fine sanding sheets to rendering damaged surfaces to smoothness as well as shaping and recreating existing surfaces such as a window cill to making it looking brand new. To also sand badly painted woodwork to perfection.


We make sure that everything is protected and ready for painting from furniture to flooring for using brush and roller and protecting chandeliers and light fixtures to light switches, sockets, door handles, door hinges, windows and glass panelled doors for spray painting.


Filling can be as meticulous and thorough depending on your requirements as bringing the spot light to look for imperfections that a light bulb or normal lighting will not pick up to make sure you get the best possible finish for your interior. I can go as far as skimming and rendering on window cills ready to be sanded for a flat smooth and well-defined sharp edges for a brand new look no matter how bad the condition is. Also, to remove rotted wooden cills and recreate an indestructible and permanent cill using wood filler as well as reshaping any badly damaged window frame.


Our dust extraction system keeps the air clean and free from dust when working to sand down patched filler to smoothness providing a perfect finish and blending the filler perfectly with the rest of the wall, ceiling or woodwork surface without any scratch marks. With different sanding attachments, we are ready to take on the most detailed and most difficult jobs with ease such as bannisters and staircases.


Caulking is a simple process by squeezing caulk from the tube through the caulk gun onto joint surfaces such as the top of a skirting board and wall to fill the gaps by smoothing it with my finger first into shape and then smoothing it again with a wet sponge and then with my finger again to get a smooth and perfect blend. Caulking is the least visual part of the preparation work but when its done right, it contributes massively to the finest of details.


Get the perfect line every time between joints such as skirting -to-wall, door and window frame-to-wall joints when preparing to spray paint or using brush and roller. 

Surface Decoration

Providing you with the very best in paint application using the best paint brushes and roller sleeves with the skill and technique to make sure that paint is applied in the most smoothest way possible. Idecorate goes a step further to provide you with the best finish by applying paint using spray paint machines to give you the finish that is as close to the finish on cars for your ceilings, walls and woodwork.


Spray painting provides the best finish that are almost flawless and perfect especially on newly plastered and new surfaces such as bare wood. With speed of up to 10 times faster than brush and roller, the interruption from decorating your home will be a lot less and your newly decorated home.


The hand held paint sprayer is ideal for detailed surfaces such as bannisters, complex sash windows, exterior metal railings, interior and exterior furniture, custom units, cabinets and much more.

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My passion is to care and provide you with a safe environment to live in through painting and decorating

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